Why using IT Consultancy in Berkshire can make a real difference to your business

There are many business owners around who don’t know their way around an IT department. That’s fine; you’re a business owner for a reason and have far more important things to be getting on with. However, do you know what your IT needs are, and how much IT consultancy in Berkshire could mean to your bottom line. Using IT equipment that is ineffective, or slow, could actually be costing your business money. You’ll probably have seen IT consultants before, and they’ve tried to sell you expensive equipment, or tried to push you in the direction you didn’t want to, or indeed have the budget to go to, and it’s left you feeling like all IT consultants do is cost you money, However, there is a difference between consultancy and sales, and as a true IT consultancy in Berkshire, Geenyous are here to ensure that you are always in control.

Choosing Geenyous for IT Consultancy in Berkshire

The four basic principles of consulting with Geenyous are:


  • Understand: We need to clearly understand who your stakeholders are and what they want from us. We need to understand your business model, your aims and goals for the future.
  • Define roles: We agree the responsibilities for both stakeholders and our consulting teams between us so that there are no arguments later.
  • Visualize success: To know how to get there, you have to know where you’re going. Showing the client the end solution is often the best part of our job.
  • We advise, you decide: You are the only one who knows your business inside out. You are the decision maker. We never forget that.


After an initial consultation with Geenyous, you’ll see that we offer a bespoke consultancy service which helps us to understand your business and ensure that the decision is firmly in your hands at all times.


We also know how difficult it is to decide on implementing a new IT Strategy. With an emphasis on making your life easier, we can also offer website design and implementation and web applications. So put your trust in the team at Geenyous, and leave your IT headaches to us.


Call or e-mail us today for an initial outline of how we can help your business.