Services from Geenyous Limited

The most important part of a successful business relationship is to have everything outlined prior to any agreement. We are here to help you; we are not here to take over. We are approachable and we are here to advise you on that which we deem most appropriate for you, however the decision on how we go is always yours.


We at Geenyous understand that your business is your business and you are seeking assistance in the final stages not a company to swoop in and make huge changes. We need to establish a mutual understanding of your expectations and how we can visualize success using a combination of your ideas and wishes with our experience and expertise.


Geenyous is here to support and nurture your company and we will be with you from the very beginning of your business journey right through until the end. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and so is sticking to our agreement. (e.g. the agreed price; time and scope) If we promise something, it will always be delivered.

What else we do:

  • Removing Uncertainties – Geenyous begin with an extremely detailed plan presented to you before any project begins. 
  • Adaptations For You – It is likely that as with any business project, whether to reduce expenditures, release new lines or discontinue aspects of your business found to be unprofitable, changes will be made within your business. We feel that it is vital that all the eventualities are fully outlined; there will be an impact on your systems and processes which you will be advised of in the very early stages.
  • Support – We are here to provide the essential support needed to produce a successful business project. With our experience, vision and skills we will pump these into the long term running of the business around the project we launch.


For a business project to thrive it needs good online management, in the form of web applications. We offer website design at competitive pricing with our range of tools, applications and add on’s ranging from video sliders to administration pages. We will create a website for you to incorporate your business assets and optimize your projects and selling points as well as highly focusing on SEO.


Our websites will provide easy content reading for prospective clients, interesting layouts and the ability to communicate with you via a contact page extremely simple. We want your website to be interesting and reflect the personality of your business. Customer retention is key and we don’t want anyone to be clicking off your website due to lack of information, applications or inability to communicate with you.