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My daughter on holiday

The picture I took of my daughter Miley on our holiday. Not bad considering it was with my Nexus 4 – Smile, Line, Kite, Scenery – What more could I ask for. Probably the best photo I’ve ever taken.


Why you should never give your services away free

Are you a nice person? Do you like helping people? Do you sometimes do things for free, even in a business sense? Don’t!


8th December 2013 – Toy Run

Thank you to everyone who came and everyone who supported us on the Toy Run this year.   []   []


Crowdfunding disappointment

Unfortunately, the crowdfunding I posted for the Toy Run didn’t achieve it’s goal of £300.   This doesn’t mean we won’t be Toy Run’ing this year, it just means we won’t have costumes and toys wish had hoped we could get.   Nevermind, at least Terri and I can proved a little something for the […]


Pre – 8th December 2013 – Toy Run

Well, we’re all looking forward to the Toy Run this year. So I have setup a funding page to get some new costumes and more toys for the kiddies. Please find the link below:   Alternatively, donate directly here below (add to cart then checkout):   [purchase_link id=”406″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”blue”]   [purchase_link […]


Following from our wedding

On the 13th July 2013, Terri and I got married.   The ceremony and reception was held at The Mill House Hotel in Swallowfield, where Mark, Kim, and all the staff did an excellent job in making our day so special.   My wife looked gorgeous in her wedding dress and my brother-in-law, Randy, came […]


Site finally live

Wow, well after having a steep learning curve with WordPress, Geenyous new website is finally live. I was against the use of WordPress to start with as I like to be able to finely tune each and every inch of my websites, but now I’ve persevered, I’m finding WordPress to be quite functional even if […]


9th December 2012 – Toy Run



4th December 2011 – Toy Run



5th December 2010 – Toy Run

Part 4 of 4 [youtube=]   Part 3 of 4 [youtube=]   Part 2 of 4 []   Part 1 of 4 []